I’m the F—–g Birthday Girl

I took my daughter thrifting today. I have to first say that my nine year old daughter actually does not know much about curse words because she has been mostly home schooled and an only child. I have done my best lol…. but I helped her get this cup off a shelf, did not read the words. And she holds it up and says “Look Mom, I’m the f—–g Birthday Girl!” 😂 omg so I had to teach her about the f word and not to say it. I am still laughing to myself. I was so caught off guard there.

She is home schooled lol.

Shopping at Five Below

My nine year old daughter just had a visit from the tooth fairy and got $20! So I took her to Five Below which is like tween paradise and her money goes a little further. It is such a fun store. I took lots of pics. I really like their t-shirts. What would you buy at Five Below?

Adorable Nutcrackers at Hobby Lobby

I just love Hobby Lobby. It is a huge store filled with rows and rows of colorful, shiny holiday decor. I was amazed by the shelves full of different Nutcracker doll statues. They had pirates, fairies, snowmen, and more. I took some pics and also made a video. They are so adorable!