Life’s Curveballs

In 2015 I moved to Southern California, back to where I am from, with my little family. It was a wonderful time, California treated us well. I started this blog, very casually. I have created and lost many blogs over the years, as I have been online so long now. This one is still here, I am still here, and its a wonderful life. I will continue to share, and hope to even more. Back in New Orleans! So much to see. I did not give this site a themed name, other than my own, so it could carry on. And here we are. I will add more soon! Happy New Year!

I’m the F—–g Birthday Girl

I took my daughter thrifting today. I have to first say that my nine year old daughter actually does not know much about curse words because she has been mostly home schooled and an only child. I have done my best lol…. but I helped her get this cup off a shelf, did not read the words. And she holds it up and says “Look Mom, I’m the f—–g Birthday Girl!” ? omg so I had to teach her about the f word and not to say it. I am still laughing to myself. I was so caught off guard there.

She is home schooled lol.

Shopping at Five Below

My nine year old daughter just had a visit from the tooth fairy and got $20! So I took her to Five Below which is like tween paradise and her money goes a little further. It is such a fun store. I took lots of pics. I really like their t-shirts. What would you buy at Five Below?

Adorable Nutcrackers at Hobby Lobby

I just love Hobby Lobby. It is a huge store filled with rows and rows of colorful, shiny holiday decor. I was amazed by the shelves full of different Nutcracker doll statues. They had pirates, fairies, snowmen, and more. I took some pics and also made a video. They are so adorable!


Enjoying Life in So Cal

I am so busy these days, life needs to slow down! In the meantime, here is yet another new blog. This site will feature random things like my painting and art, glow in the dark jewelry, and my new apparel and home accessories line. Also my dog. And life in Southern California. Life is good. 🙂